November Celebration in the Woods

November Celebration in the Woods

November is a wonderful time of year to do nurturing things…a hot sauna or spa day (there are some amazing places to choose from in the South West), or perhaps a brisk winter walk followed by gourmet home-cooked grub!

Sloe's The weather is on the turn, a little bit colder and a little bit darker and this is a real invitation to hole up and rest when you can take a moment. Now’s a good time to forage for roots like dandelion and burdock whilst hazelnuts and sloes should be dropping out of the trees and from the hedgerows.

Pumpkin Soup

Our recipe this month is sweet chestnut and squash soup and is a perfect companion to this month’s celebration: Bonfire Night! Although this doesn’t fall into the Celtic year, it’s a heart-warming opportunity to gather around a blazing night fire and enjoy exploding coloured sulphur make patterns and sound bangs in the sky! Guy Falkes aside, if you don’t make it out fill your home with beautiful candles and invite friends around.

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