July Celebration in the Woods

July Celebration in the Woods

Hoorah, it’s July! This surely has to be the month when our countryside is at its wildest with tendrils, foxgloves, brambles and sweet smelling flowers exploding from every hedgerow. Limeflower bath oil is our beauty recipe of the month, see our DIY section for details.


This midpoint in the year harbours a foraging treasure that’s rarely appreciated, probably as it can be hard to spot due to its size….ta dah… the wild strawberry. They are just out and once discovered are like a blast of mini mouthwatering magic!

Yup they’re sweet, red and delicious, as are the wild cherries which seem to be in abundance this year. The elderflowers are just over but are making way for the delectable, the one and only, Lime-Flower Blossom.   This has a short season of about two weeks, starting from now!


Meadowsweet and honeysuckle are also making an entry and honeysuckle is this month’s medicinal plant – great for flu’s, midsummer colds and sore throats. If you’re interested to find out more, search out ‘Hedgerow Medicine’ by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal. It’s an absolutely brilliant book packed with great pictures, recipes and ancient medicinal information.

Home baked bread

Pronounced ‘Loo-na-sa’, July’s end of month celebration for the eve of Lammas, means “loaf-mass” and traditionally marks the harvest of grain and corn. It honours the hard graft involved in grain cultivation and fires were once lit on high points such as Silbury Hill in Avebury.

It’s another great night to share a special meal with your loved ones. Have a bash at baking home made bread with locally sourced flower and hey girlfriends, savour that flavour!

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