January Wild Year Calendar

January Wild Year Calendar

Release your inner forager upon our wintry hedgerows and whip up a wild balm to ease you into the spring! (see our DIY recipe of the month) It’s a typically lean month on the foragers’ calendar but there are still a few morsels to be had. And of course there’s always the option of celebrating the early seeds of spring with the fab Celtic festival of Imbolk.

Imbolc falls on the cusp between January and February and celebrates the new fertile growth that comes with the increase in daylight. It’s the perfect time to gather your girlfriends around an open fire, next to a fresh spring or anywhere outside, and think about what seeds – literal and metaphorical – that you would like to plant for the forthcoming year.

A few easily identifiable wild edible plants in January are: dandelions – common sorrel – common chickweed and hairy bittercress. Dandelions are particularly beautiful at this time of year with their bright yellow colour. The individual petals on the flowers may be sprinkled over a salad, or the full flowers used to make a muscle rub oil.

Our January flower is the snowdrop, a beautiful elegant flower that just brings a bit of magic to the day, and remarkably there are over 19 species of wild snowdrops, or ‘Genus galanthus’ and Scotland has even been known to hold Snowdrop festivals that typically start from the end of January…

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