The Fashion of Foraging

The Fashion of Foraging

Foraging has come full circle, stooped in the history of our ancestors as a key to survival and part of everyday life, this ancient tradition is now a fashionable, fun and ethical favourite for adventurers, cooks and health lovers alike.

In the last few years we have seen a shift to an awareness of the food we are eating, a consciousness of where our food comes from and the impact it has on our health…. so move over microwave ready meals, fast food and convenience cooking, let’s make way for a new alfresco wild-cuisine era!

Celebs such as Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall, Jamie Oliver and Bear Gryls have blazed the trail for embracing fresh and organic foraging, and it’s no coincidence that this trend has been set against the larger backdrop of the horse meat scandal, ongoing issues with unsustainable fishing and countless documentaries on the dangers of processed food on the supermarket shelves.

So, for those of you not previously privy to picking your food from the pastures, foraging is the process of taking walks in the woods, along hedgerows, beaches and fields to find wild, delicious and live foods.

Forage2Firm favourites across the UK include wild garlic, mushrooms, damson, rose hip, berries, nettles, elderflower, dandelion and seaweed.

And there are lots of groups, days out and weekends away to initiate you in to the art of foraging.

Some of our most loved include…

A one-day foraging course with Masterchef winner Mat Follas, including a top notch meal in the depths of Dorset.

A full weekend festival at The Wilderness Gathering, with tons of options for getting familiar with outdoor foods and herbs.

Wild Garlic PestoAnd of course, experience the wild with a glamorous and exclusive weekend celebration with Babes in the Woods. We’ll treat you to billionstar glamping accommodation, exciting seasonal foraging activities, workshops to make and take home your own natural goodies, and a glass of bubbly to top it off.

Check out some of our monthly blog posts for top tips on seasonal foraging picks, wild celebrations and yummy recipes.


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