Glampers Guide to Paradise

Glampers Guide to Paradise

In case it wasn’t obvious we are BIG fans and seasoned professional campers, glampers, under the stars sleepers and outdoor appreciators.

We also know a lot of people suffer from ‘no hair straightener phobia’ (it’s a real thing I promise). So from us, the wilderness experts, to you… here are our top tips for making the very most of your outdoor experiences.

It’s in the Preparation

Don’t get caught out by the English weather, pack your welly boots, your sun hat and warm layers for sleeping in. You will always be exposed to the elements in the wild so take advantage of them. Wash in the river while it’s raining, dry out your fire wood in the sun, and there’s no better excuse than a cold night to cuddle up to a hot man, after all nothing warms you up like body heat;)

Lake district

Embrace the Great Outdoors

20 minutes spent in nature is as relaxing for the mind as 1 hour spent meditating. Now we’re not saying you should give up your daily routine to live in the woods but embrace the benefits the wild has to offer. Trying building nature in to your life, exercise in the garden, forage for ingredients to add to your dinner or meet friends for a walk rather then a coffee.


Share the Love

One of the beautiful things about the outdoors is that it’s free (or at least cheap if using a campsite). You can spend uninterrupted, quality time with friends and loved ones away from the hustle bustle of the city. Share stories long in to the night, skinny dip in the sea or indulge in toasted marshmallows, you will never regret spending too much time with your friends, but you might regret missing out on the fun!

Noises in the Night

It’s easy for the mind to play tricks on you when you’re out of your comfort zone. A friendly pheasant sounds a lot like a grizzly bear when you don’t have four walls to protect you. Try to stay calm, really listen to the sounds around you and appreciate the fact you are surrounded by life that would usually run and hide from a big scary human.


Cook up a Storm

You definitely work up an appetite exploring the outdoors, whether you’ve been swimming in a lake, riding the trails or sunning yourself on the beach, treat yourself to reminiscent dinner of campfire cooked rice, beans and cheese. Chances are your parents took you camping as a kid and fed you something similar, it may not taste any better now but you’ll get a happy familiar feeling in your tum.

Respect your Surroundings 

You wouldn’t batter an eyelid at accidently smashing a glass at home, but broken glass in the wild could injure an animal or another camper. Try to leave your campsite in the same state you found it, litter free and beautiful. That way you are protecting our UK countryside and get the feel good factor that you’ve recycled your rubbish, Win–Win!

Country Diary : Coastal path at Lantic Bay near Polruan in Cornwall

Explore the Area

The UK has masses of stunning countryside and breathtaking coastline, wherever you decide to go camping, make the most of what the area has to offer. Buy a local guidebook and get recommendations, whether it’s Cornwall’s coast, the Lake Districts walks or the Scottish highlands famous bike trails, there’s loads on offer and plenty of fun to be had!

And Finally…. Look After Yourself!    

 Accidents can happen in the outdoors, but don’t let this put you off. Just be a little bit more aware of your surroundings, and pack a few plasters and Arnica in case of walking boot wounds, bush fire burns or pesky insect bites.

Time in the wild is also a fantastic opportunity to look after your soul, fill your lungs with fresh air, wake up with the sun and remember what you love about your life!

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