The Hen Revolution

The Hen Revolution

Planning a hen? You’ll need patience, lots of wine, a short burst of screaming therapy and a fantastic crew of girls to share your weekend with. As any successful hen herder will know, the endeavour is worthy of a national qualification, but totally worth it in the end!

This treasured national pastime is one of the few rites of passage that we celebrate today but what does our nation of chic, confident and go-getting women really think of the hen as a symbol for this amazing celebration….let’s face it, it’s hard not to think gossipy, clucky and hen pecking, which is hardly flattering.

The blokes have bagged the stag as their totem, so at Babes in the Woods where we specialise in “stylish champagne hen do’s with a touch of the wild” we thought it’s about time we started a revolution.  We’d like to come up with something exciting and funky, a new name that represents the fun, intelligent and gorgeous women that we are.

So we with the help of Wed Magazine we’ve written an article about the history of the ‘hen-do’ (See article here) and we’re now setting out to find out what you think.  Are you happy to be a ‘hen’ or, like us, do you think it could be updated, and if so can you come up with something better?

We’ve had some great proposals – a ‘pen’ and a ‘cob’ do which is the female and male name for swans who mate for life (awww)…. a bridal bash, a solidarity soiree, a pre-nuptial do… you get the idea?

Tell us what you think, talk about it at your hen do, let’s make a scream and shout about it and make these amazing all female pre-wedding parties as fabulous and fresh as the brides they are celebrating.  Join The Hen Revolution at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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