March Wild Year Calendar

March Wild Year Calendar

Yippee, spring has sprung and snowdrops, primroses and wild daffodils line our hedgerows. The forager’s larder is filling up with chickweed, wild garlic, nettles and sweet violets (see our DIY recipe of the month – Wild Garlic infused Oil – a simple and wonderful condiment addition to any kitchen).

This is a great time of year to celebrate the balance of light and dark, reflected by the equal length of day and night on the spring equinox. This falls slightly differently every year but is between 20-23 March. The image of an alluring maiden carrying a basket of eggs is associated with this time, signifying the fertility of the land.

On the equinox, celebrate by getting out into the wilds and immersing yourself in the wind, sun and rain. It’s the perfect time to consider how to bring more balance into your life, paving the way for a thriving and abundant year…

Our easily identifiable wild edible plants in March are: common sorrel – common chickweed – wood sorrel – wild garlic – garlic mustard – stinging nettles – sweet violets.

Our March flower is the beautiful wild primrose, which historically was used medicinally to help insomnia and was also used in cooking to make amongst other things primrose honey!


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