February Wild Year Calendar

February Wild Year Calendar

February literally means ‘cleanse’ which makes it a perfect time to detox before the throes and abundance of spring (See our DIY Hairy Bittercress recipe for the month & later in April we have a fantastic cleansing Nettle & Cleaver hedgerow Juice). So don’t get too blue about the cold and rain, the winter is nearly over and you can use your time to purify and prepare your body for the increased light and spring that’s coming our way!

Amazingly, folklore has it that Valentines falls on the same day that birds choose their mates!  So whether you’re in or out of a relationship, you may want to take part in a celebration with your friends for cultivating peace and positivity for all beings on the planet…and don’t forget to give yourself some good loving, because it all starts here!  The Buddha was once reported to have said that you can search the world over to find the person that most needs love, and you won’t find anyone that is more deserving than yourself…

A few easily identifiable wild edible plants in February are: dandelions – common sorrel – common chickweed and hairy bittercress and our February flower is the wild daffodil, a heart-warming flower for this time of year and a harbinger of the spring to come. It’s also known as ‘Lent Lily’ and apparently pharmacists use Daffodil bulbs as a source of a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease …

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