September Celebration in the Woods

September Celebration in the Woods

Although the days are beginning to shorten, the heat of the summer remains in September with a whiff of the winter to come. Autumn is just a stone’s throw away and can be felt in the sudden gusts of wind, the ripening of conkers and the slow turning of leaves.  This is a superb time to forage as the ripening of beech and hazelnuts now accompany the splash of berries in the hedgerow.

Have a look at our wild jam recipe in the DIY section for a tasty and surprisingly simple to make, culinary delight  which is great with lamb and game, as well as atop a thick slice of warm bread.


Hens picking Blackberries

The festival for this month is the Autumn Equinox and it signifies a big gigantic       harvest festival! Like the spring, the autumn equinox (20-23 Sep) has equal amounts of   day and night. It signifies both the harvest of the year’s crops and the harvest of personal fruits and insights from the year so far.

This makes it a perfect time to gather with family and friends for a big meal to celebrate and mark the end of the summer and the gateway to the winter. It’s also a natural time take some contemplative walks in nature, reflecting on the boons of the year and how you might like to guide your life in the forthcoming second half of the year.

Thanks to The Great Bake Off, cake, quiches and bread baking is back! Mrs Beaton would be proud…

Traditionally village harvest festivals compete with flower growing, baking and home grow veggies, but if you haven’t got the space, inclination or talent to compete with home grown produce, then why not enlist your street to a ‘bake off’ of your choice! It may be surprising to discover that amidst the neighbours in your road, there may be an absolutely brilliant cake maker in hiding! Go find them, dig them out and invite them around!!!

Juicy blackberries for making jam

Foraged berries from Devon

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