May Celebration in the Woods

May Celebration in the Woods

The month of May is thought to be associated with, and named after, the Roman earth goddess Maia, known for her growth and greatness.

The forager’s menu for May is bulging with tasty salad leaves to cleanse and inspire the palate and you simply cannot pass by any English hedgerow without finding masses of yummy things to chomp on. (See our DIY Wild Salad Recipe)








The holiday roots of May Day lie in the ancient celebration of the transition from winter to summer. It’s the second day of Beltain, a time when traditionally a living tree trunk became a may pole and single men and women danced around it, entwining themselves with ribbons…

If the urbanite closet pagans amongst you haven’t got a maypole to dance around, it’s a great time to gather friends and loved ones, hit your fave bar and dance the night away!This is a wonderful month to get hitched with the weather likely to be more settled than in April. Spring flower head garlands are in keeping with the season and make for a beautiful and fresh bride!

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