June Celebration in the Woods

June Celebration in the Woods

June is a fantastically abundant month as wild flowers splash our countryside with colour. Daisies and buttercups adorn our lawns and meadowsweet, elderflower, eyebright and the common poppy are appearing in every hedgerow, glade, park and roadside from the tip to the top of our verdant isle!

Elderflower cordial is this month’s culinary treat and is a perfect accompaniment to a summer collins cocktail, super easy to follow and packed full of taste and vitamin C! And if you’re getting married in June – Yeyyyy it couldn’t be a better month to make your own wild flower bouquet, we suggest calling on your trusty bridesmaids to fashion one for you…

Wild Bouquet

This summer’s quarter point in the Celtic Calendar, 20-23 June is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It’s a perfect time to wake up early (or stay up all night) with friends and family to celebrate the summer solstice sunrise. It’s a festival that honours the sun with celebrations of feasting and fire and also marks the return of increased darkness as the Celtic wheel turns to the second half of the year.

So bask in June’s long sunny days then dance and delight under this month’s full moon, Friday, 13 June 2014 around 4:12 AM to be exact, and enjoy the energy and light of the long days.

For the foragers amongst us it’s a great time to get experimental in the kitchen, look out for chickweed, eldeflower, fat hen, hawthorne, sea beet, spearmint, wild rose, wild strawberries, wood sorrel and the start of the yarrow…what an array of gorgeous flowers, berries and leaves.

Once you’ve identified elderflower, pick a spring, shake any little insects out and infuse in hot water. It really is magic in a cup, truly a taste sensation to be enjoyed on a fine summers day.  Nibble on a square of dark organic chocolate to balance the flavours ….yummy!

Our beautiful poppy feature photo comes courtesy of local Totnes photographer Amida Harvey, big thanks!

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