August Celebration in the Woods

August Celebration in the Woods


August sees an explosion of berries: bilberries, blackberries, elderberries, rowan berries and strawberries! It’s such an abundant month with the fruit laden and rich hanging from the trees and bushes, just asking to be eaten! Even the pears and apples are already plentiful and ginormous this year….Let the jam, crumble and syrup making commence, check out our elderberry syrup recipe for a delicious summer treat.

It almost feels as if the landscape has come alive with grandeur, which is the essence of ‘August’, meaning ‘majestic’ or ‘inspiring reverence’. There is so much flowering in the hedgerows with masses to choose from for a seasonal hedgerow cuppa, our favourite brews include: dandelion flowers, yarrow, meadowsweet, red clover, wild mint, wild fennel and nettle. Yum yum!

Lammas falls on the cusp between July/August and celebrates the grain festival. It’s no coincidence that holidays, music festivals and other celebrations peak in August as traditionally Lammas festivities would span a month and consist of fairs and feasts that marked the success of the grain crop.

Summer fete

If you’re a city chick, head out to your nearest village and enjoy some good old fashioned fairs, fetes, circus performances and folk bands. Village greens complete with bunting and cup cakes are the only place to be this summer.

And they’re a great place to sample some of the finest local cider and ales, sustainably farmed burgers with homegrown veggies and great local honey sold in baskets along meandering country lanes.

Festival hand love

This is also the perfect time to indulge in an end of summer music festival, have a look at our ‘Festival Fevers’ Blog post for some ideas of our top picks…

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