April Celebration in the Woods

April Celebration in the Woods

Springtime could not be better spent than with a visit to your neighbouring native woodland, verdant meadow or well loved local park.

The name for the month April comes from the Latin word ‘aperire’ and means ‘to open’! It’s the time for sunlight and life to flood our gorgeous landscape causing buds to unfurl and flowers to blossom.  Our humble alfresco recipe for this month is Wild Garlic Pesto – a culinary delight of springtime.  It’s rich, vibrant and delicious…see our blog post DIY wild recipes: Wild Garlic Pesto

Towards the end of this month we see one of the most fun-loved and  land-based Celtic festival celebrations of the year: Beltain.

Have you ever leapt over the hot embers of a campfire, fluttered your lashes at a rather lovely chap [or gal] and found yourself romantically entwined thereafter…? Hmm maybe not but if you’re tempted then now’s the time!

Beltain falls on May Day eve and according to ancient tradition is the night of ‘the greenwood marriage’ between the horned God and the fertile Goddess (I say)!  This time is said to promote fertility and can be seen mirrored in the ‘opening’ of blossom and flowers. It’s a wonderful night to sit around a blazing fire sharing music, stories and of course an obligatory bit of Greenwood canoodling.

A masqued ball would be the perfect theme for a party, and this would be the most fabulous date to celebrate your Hen or Stag do, better still your marriage!  Hoorah…

We hope you enjoy this month’s feature photo as much as we do, taken by Bristol’s finest: Pete Cranston.  He’s only interested in pics that are “honest…real…and full of love” with the help of a set of antlers unearthed from a dusty stately home… http://www.petecranston.com

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