DIY Wild Garlic Infused Oil

DIY Wild Garlic Infused Oil

Here’s a really simple recipe that features the ramson plant, also known as wild garlic. She’s a real signifier of the beginning of spring, with lush shiny verdant leaves and is wonderful for the digestive system. Eating the leaves cleanses and stimulates healthy circulation in the body.

You can add ramsons to the tops of a salad, wilt them into soups or stews as you would nettles or spinach, and you can even make them into really delicious fritters.

The most popular recipe for them is wild garlic pesto which we regularly make during our Babes in the Woods weekends and below we offer you the opportunity to whip up a garlic infused oil in seconds!


  • 500g ramson leaves
  • 500 ml of cold pressed olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt

Suggested Instructions

Either chop the leaves and add them into a 500 ml bottle of oil of your choice, we suggest cold pressed olive oil, with a sprinkle of salt.

Or, blend the ingredients in a blender.

Please be aware that for health & hygiene purposes, you’ll need to store the oil in the fridge and use within 3 weeks. If you’d like to preserve for longer, freeze the mixture into ice cubes.

Serving Ideas

Add to salads as a dressing or use in cooking to flavour. Use the oil fairly quickly as the fresh leaves


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