Babes Founder Hetti: Why I love what I do!

Babes Founder Hetti: Why I love what I do!


Hetti Dysch

What I do for Babes

“I’m the founder and director of Babes in the Woods. I help out at Babes HQ in the office and also host weekends with the rest of the team.”

 Why I love it

I started Babes because I love spending time in nature and I love a good party! Babes in the Woods ticks both of those boxes – we’ve got a secret encampment in the middle of the woods with a great dressing up box, which let’s just say isn’t only used by our hens!

 I also really appreciate spending time with my female friends and when we put on a weekend it’s somehow adds to the fun that we’re all women together. It is hard work but getting to spend time in our magical oak woodland is amazing. 

What do you love about the woods?

“First in the season we get the wild daffodils and then the bluebells. As the trees start to leaf up we then get the bloom of elderflowers and get stuck into making elderflower cordial. Foxgloves follow in the summer with rosebay willowherb flowering until the Autumn. The berries and sloes then take us to the end of the season in October…in a nutshell, I love my work and to get paid for spending time in nature foraging, walking and making fires is pretty good in my books!”

What makes me tick

“All of the above! Marking the change of seasons, spending time with people I love, having a positive livelihood oh and enjoying the boat that I live on, is what makes me tick…”

 My other projects and interests

“I have a few new business ideas in the pipeline but my two biggest interests outside work are my boat and playing music!

 I live on a narrowboat and I really enjoy spending time boating along the canal network. My aim for 2016 is to make her (my boat) able to give me all the electricity that I need when I’m not plugged into mains. So I’ll be researching which solar panels to fit and how to optimise my hot water system. I’m currently moored in Bristol and there’s a great weekly Irish session that I play in and when I’m boating I duck and dive into music sessions along the way.

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