Babes on the Blog…

Hetti  - Babes in the WoodsIt is with slightly baited breath that we would like to introduce our ‘Babes in the Woods Blog’… Thank you lovely blog readers for your support.

We’re new to this, but after four years in the industry, we’ve decided that we’ve got masses to share about preparing for your wedding!  So here it is: an empowering, stimulating and inspiring blog for you, the discerning hen party planner, blushing bride, beautiful bridesmaids and marvelous maids of honor.

Let us introduce ourselves; firstly we have Hetti – founder and director of Babes in the Woods hen parties, and Sophia – the rather self-explanatory ‘Office Babe’.

And then we have our team – Roz and The Kitchen Table who are our fabulous chefs – Pip, Emily, Jo, Emma, Lezley, Mel, Lara, Rooh, Hayley, Seonaid, Ruth and Hattie, our wonderful Babes in the Woods host team.

We understand that run of the mill, drunken hen parties are a thing of the past. That what women really want (not a pun on the Mel Gibson film we promise), is the opportunity to spend uninterrupted quality time with their best friends.

And that’s exactly what we intend to write about, with of course, a touch of the wild. Expect to read hilarious anecdotes, valuable guidance, honest opinions and a whole heap of encouraging sisterhood.  This will be a collaborative endeavor, with the best bits from our wonderful hosts, our fantastic guest bloggers and of course, us!

And as it’s officially now spring, here’s a little beauty bushcraft product for you to have a go at…We’ll be doing a whole feature on DIY WEDDING FAVOURS, and this is our sneak preview.  Enjoy